My Beautiful JuiceFast/Fest Day #3

by Lisa on May 22, 2012

My Beautiful JuiceFest/Fast Day #3

It’s not exactlyMy Beautiful JuiceFast/Fest Day #3 a juice kind of day…It’s been pouring out all. day. long. And I am cold. And hungry. I’m starting to really want food. Grilled salmon for example. That’s sort of a good sign, right? I’m not craving anything junky or non-foodlike.. I’m craving a little protein and fat.. maybe the omega 3’s? Anyways, the point is moot because when I ask myself if I really want to break the juice fast, the answer is that I don’t. I want to keep going.

I have been surprisingly free of most detoxification symptoms. I’m not a big caffeine addict. I gave up coffee over a year ago because I gave up the dairy that was the entire reason for the coffee (coffee was simply a vehicle for the cream for me). Green tea is something I put in my mug most mornings but don’t love enough to drink much of. It sits there and gets cold almost always. So, no big caffeine headaches this week for me.

I’ve made sure to drink lots of water in addition to the 64-80 ounces of juice I’m drinking daily.. lots of flushing action. Plus I mix some coconut water into my juice concoctions for the electrolytes and just because I like it. All of this has made a big difference, have had no symptoms other than feeling hungry. Which I am.

Today I departed from my standard green juice recipes and decided to use the rhubarb in our garden that is so abundant this time of year. Rhubarb is really tart and needs to be offset with sweeter fruit, which is why you always see it mixed with strawberries in pies and cobblers. I decided to juice it with watermelon, cucumbers, celery and some romaine. The rhubarb is so fibrous and stringy that it started to jam my juicer.. not sure why the celery never does that they seem similar in texture. Loved this..but seemed so summery that wished I was drinking it on a sunny day in my backyard instead of inside on during a torrential downpour.

IntuitiveBody Watermelon Rhubarb Juice:

*Use organic produce as much as you can

2 cucumbers, peels on

1 bunch celery

1 small head romaine

6 stalks rhubarb

1 small personal size watermelon, minus rind

It’s always interesting to me the beautiful gifts that we get when we lean into the “hard” thing that we’ve been avoiding.. the thing we know we need to do, and yet are afraid to do. That very thing that you know in your heart will set you free, and yet you continue to avoid or ignore or minimize.. that’s the thing that will light you up.. but pretty much every single time.

I’m not saying that three days of drinking juice is a miracle. Believe me, I’m not saying anything like that. What I am saying is that when we are uncomfortable enough about something that it gets our attention on a regular basis, and continues to whisper to us to take action, to do something, to make a change, to pay attention.. and we don’t… it’s painful.. so painful. It takes SO much more energy to not take the action, to continue on as we are. Switching things up, taking the plunge, facing the thing that we think we can’t do and yet know will change things in some helpful positive essential way.. is so much easier. The minute we commit to the harder thing something shifts and we feel the support coming in to meet us.

Releasing some addictive eating patterns, putting some very clear boundaries in place (as in juice-only.. that’s pretty clear, right?) is hard, it definitely is. But not as hard as slogging through another day feeling stuck, sluggish, allergic and frustrated with myself for not sustaining more pristine self-care. That was much harder.

What are you not doing because you’re worried that it will be too hard? Maybe afraid that you’ll fail and then feel even worse? Email me and tell me what’s on your mind, that you wish you were doing more of, or that you wish you were doing less of and let’s talk. I promise I’ll have some ideas for you that you can use right away.

Much love from my heart to yours..