Your Divine Identity (you are sacred ground)

Your Divine Identity (you are sacred ground)I was thinking about what to write today.. on my 55th birthday..and what came to me was this- What if you began to treat yourself as the divine being that you truly are? Created from a spark of the Divine, someone that embodies all of the beauty and knowing, goodness and power that we associate with divinity? How might that change the way you live?

You are in fact Divine Holy Woman, you are Sacred Ground. Your body truly is a Temple that houses your own beautiful spirit. What would it be like to live from this connection and knowing?

What if you could unplug your energies from all of the ways that our culture does not acknowledge this truth? The names women are called in pop culture, songs and media are so outrageously hateful and belittling they make my skin crawl. If either of my teenage sons utters any of the terms defaming women, they are reprimanded more harshly than for any four-letter word. It’s gone too far.

The truth is you are divine, and sacred and holy. My teacher Sharon, in one of our first classes, had us sit and write what she called our “Divine Identity”. This is about your truth. It’s about transcending your daily limiting beliefs to define and own your Higher Self. Naming things is incredibly powerful. When you know who you truly are, you can also know just as importantly who you are truly not!

If the Divine, or the God of your understanding or any Higher Power you believe in were looking at you, what would they see? Would they define you by what size jeans you wear? By the number on a scale? By how much money you earn? Uh…… no.

You are seen by the Divine as your true essence- what are your unique gifts that you bring with you? Is it compassion for animals? Is it the great love of beauty or Nature? Is it your ability to soothe your children or create a gorgeous bouquet from a backyard garden? Yes, this is what we want to name.

TRY THIS AT HOME: Sit for a moment in quiet. Let yourself disconnect from all of your daily worries and fears, judgments, and distractions. Let your attention focus on your breathing, and in particular on the energy of your heart. Attune to the unique beauty of your own spirit. What are you truly made of? In this moment of quiet meditation, ask silently to be shown and reminded of all of your “higher” qualities. Asking brings knowing and illumination. Open your heart and mind to give your self permission to receive the answers. When you feel that you have received this information, take another few minutes to write down what came to you. You are going to name and create your “Divine Identity”.

Your Divine Identity is one of the most precious pieces of information you can possess. It allows you to move out of negative and false beliefs of lack and limitation, of not-good-enough and all of the pain of that mentality. When you define your true nature, you can more easily cast off the judgments of yourself and others, because you know who you truly are. This a precious and deeply personal gift for yourself.. worth taking time for.

Here is an example of what you might write for your Divine Identity:

I am a divine holy woman created by a loving God. I own my own beauty and power and my loving heart. I create beauty and comfort all around me for my self and my family. I am connected in love to my family and friends and my heart is open to give and receive love. I own my unique gifts of humor, and bring this to all of my dealings. I trust my intuitive knowing in all situations and am guided easily and steadily. I am able to find the blessing in each moment, and live in gratitude for all I have received. I am able to manifest my dreams in this lifetime under grace, in perfect ways.

It can be a bit of a “declaration”- something that immediately connects you with your unique gifts.

When you have written your own version, copy it onto a nice card, and read it to yourself as often as you can, and you will notice that this new vision of yourself begins to permeate your life in wonderful ways, letting you release your other “false” identities.

As always, wishing you peace and every blessing,






  1. says

    Ohhhh, gorgeous as always!!!

    I’m actually going to copy this exercise down into a text document so that I can come back and actually do it shortly. You always have the best exercises!!!

    It’s so interesting to me. Everything I’m reading so far today feels *so* incredibly connected in meaning to me. Everything seems to be talking to me about listening to, and really hearing, that voice inside of me that’s telling me who I really (reallyreally!) am… beyond all the fluff and garbage that I tend to think of as myself.

    oh, how I love when life speaks to me through so many channels… all of which are ultimately saying the same thing… pure magicks <3

    • Lisa says

      Angel sweet Angel.. this makes me deeply happy, thank you. We are all connected in ways that are so beyond our understanding, but seeing any teensy shred of evidence is always so beautiful.. happy that we are rendez-vous-ing on the energetic planes together! love to you, Lisa

  2. says

    A beautiful exercise, and a wonderful one to incorporate into a daily meditation practice! When it is so easy to get caught up in all the trappings of age identity (“I should have done this by this point in my life”), labeling in terms of other people (“I am this person’s daughter, sister, wife, etc.”), and career (“I am defined by my profession”), it is a good thing to know that what and who we truly are is beyond all that. Thank you.

    • Lisa says

      Hilary.. yes, the age thing is big.. totally agree that can be a huge piece of where we get stuck in the spiral, thanks for naming it.

  3. says

    Lisa! Happy birthday gorgeous one! I love the message here (of course!) and I love the ritual you suggest as well-the divine in me bows to the divine in you.

    • Lisa says

      Courtney.. thanks and I agree.. simple is enough if you can get there. Sometimes it’s hard to pare down to that when we are in the spin of overstimulation and carrying around others’ beliefs and projections. Coming home to what’s real is not easy but it’s amazing.

  4. says

    For your birthday you gave the gift to other women. The gift of being… of just being yourself…. of being enough…. of being perfect as you. Sending love your way.

    • Lisa says

      thanks for the love, Jackie..we all need to keep mirroring those gifts to each other when we forget.. which we will b/c we live in that kind of crazy culture. Seeing the truth of each other vs the nonsense…
      love to you,

  5. says

    Happy Birthday Lisa!

    Such a wonderful post!!

    Recognizing your divinity…and the “rightness” of you is so powerful. I love the ritual you suggest to embrace it!

  6. says

    This is my favorite of your posts yet, and what a celebration of your birthday!

    Every time I practice yoga and say “namaste” at the end, I get close to this naming and claiming of divinity…..but it’s only a tiny step. I love what you’ve written here, and the idea of seeing oneself through the eyes of divinity. I’m off to work on my own declaration!

    • Lisa says is definitely a place where you could connect with that part of yourself.. then bring it out into the rest of your world and start to see yourself with that energy… moving beyond the typical ways we define ourselves.. what we are made of. Love that you will do the exercise..good gift to yourself..

  7. says

    Just reading your post alone, I started to feel good about myself already. I’d say that this powerful exercise could be done in front of the mirror too… Thank you for sharing this with us. Good thing that you were born, because no one else in this world is like you. Belated Happy Birthday! xoxo

    • Lisa says

      Sammi.. that’s one of the best things you could tell me and yes this would make a great mirror-meditation. Consistency is key.. we need to rewire the neural pathways with this.. all the old beliefs need to be gently overrun with the new so doing it daily helps.
      Thanks for the love.. I’m glad you’re here too!

  8. says

    I love this post and truly resonate with the idea that it’s just as important to figure out what you don’t want as it is to know what you do want. Understanding this brings you closer to defining who you are. I always view all of my experiences as bringing me closer to my truth. Thanks & Happy Birthday!

    • Lisa says

      Brandy..thank you so much.. it’s a different perspective that can really shift everything. xox Lisa

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