What Other Kinds of Weight You Carry- Grief and Loss

by Lisa on October 10, 2012

grief and loss and overeating It’s very common with weight and body issues, that there is some unresolved grief and loss hanging around that is being carried. I always see weight, and struggles with food as going beyond issues of diet and exercise.

The weight you carry, the numbing out with food are.. bigger than what any diet or exercise plan can give you. You know that right? Deep down you do, even though you may keep returning to Weight Watchers or picking up the latest diet-guru’s book.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the weight you carry and how one common thread was about the heaviness of humiliation, you can reread it here.

Another area I ask clients about during our initial interviews are about how much loss they’ve had in their life. Deaths, breakups, any kind of abandonment and certainly any forms of trauma weigh heavily on us and unfortunately are not usually processed very well.

It’s rare that we know how to deal with intense emotion, or are given the support, time, or space to fully “metabolize” these experiences.

And so we carry them along. More emotional energy added to the pile. More memories and old triggers that we have to struggle to keep down, try to prevent from showing up in our relationships, protect ourselves from feeling too vulnerable in oh so many ways.

And the grief isn’t always from the “BIG” losses. It can be from the move your family made in the middle of the school year when you had to leave all your friends behind. Or of your favorite dog. Things that really really hurt but that you felt pressured to “get over” before you were really ready.

When things aren’t moved through in more organic ways that really address our pain or suffering.. we suffer more, and longer. Pushing things down requires a fair amount of emotional energy. It’s a way we unwittingly betray ourselves.. just writing this makes me sad. Who hasn’t experienced this? We all carry these experiences.. not just of grief, but of having to carry the remnants of unprocessed events because there was no good place to put them or share them or get what we needed at the time.

And so the weight. Or the eating.. or the obsessing about the weight and the eating.

Sometimes it helps to know what to look for.. I want to help you get the relief you deserve, the clarity that will make a difference. The freedom from crazy food plans and punishing exercise plans and self-loathing that you couldn’t possibly deserve on your most miserable day.

When you are stuck in cycles of overeating or body-hate, there is emotional and energetic work to be done. And it is best to do it with loving, focused support.

I want that for you.. One email or one request for a complimentary consult.. Lighten it all up and just ask. Or if you’re not ready, there are many ways to process pieces of this out in my Home Study Guide, Recovering Beauty


Love to you…