Relief For Binges, Overeating, and “Vampire” Foods…

by Lisa on September 12, 2012

┬áBinges, Overeating and “Vampire” Foods…

Relief For Binges, Overeating, and "Vampire" Foods...

I was talking to a new acquaintance recently and we were talking about a variety of topics. He had asked me about my work with women and my perspective on eating related issues and we were talking a lot about some of the energy and spiritually related aspects.

At one point he revealed that he had always struggled with his own eating and weight and shared a bit of his history. In the midst of this he used the term “Vampire Foods”, which to me is such a self-explanatory term, so loaded with meaning you almost don’t have to say any more about it..although I will (of course).

People have different ways of referring to the various foods they struggle with, overeat, or find unmanageable. I have many clients that binge-eat, or eat in ways that they feel unable to control. And all of them can tell you exactly which foods they feel most vulnerable around. Or they may have found that their bodies are sensitive to certain substances like gluten or dairy and when they eat those, they get more cravings or binge more, or have physical symptoms afterwards.

Of all the accounts given over the years from clients and friends, “vampire foods” is the most perfect term I’ve heard for the foods that leave you feeling drained of your usual life force energy.

Maybe they wreak havoc on your physical body by triggering binges and the discomfort and misery that follows. Maybe your emotional body suffers with shame and guilt from feeling out of control and doing the thing that you swore you wouldn’t.. yet again. Certainly these foods that are so powerfully draining to your individual system drain your energy body because you feel some loss of power, some disconnection from your true self, an inability to hold your center.

People who have never struggled with overeating or binges or purges or cravings will have no idea of what any of this means. The power that certain foods may have to impact somebody so negatively. But most of you reading this will know precisely which foods qualify as “vampires” for you. And once you see them from this perspective, does it change how you want to care for yourself?

When you decide to eat “just a little” of the things you know without a doubt lead you into some form of very real pain, whether it’s physical or emotional or feeling your energy leave your body, your self-esteem gone in a flash.. what do you make of that?

Is it a form of denial? Yes sometimes.. but knowing the things or people or substances that hurt us and going against that awareness cause even more suffering than not knowing to begin with.

Is this the Saboteur, one of our survival archetypes, as Caroline Myss refers to them, at work? Yes, that’s part of it.

There are many possible reasons why we continue to allow ourselves to have relationships with Vampire Foods, or Vampire people (relationships that drain our energies), or work in jobs that drain us and compromise our wellbeing, or stay in marriages that make us feel these things.

I’m not saying it’s easy. But around the food piece it is usually very clear which foods make you feel your best, and which ones make you feel your very worst. And of course, you get to choose whether you listen to your IntuitiveBody.. or not.

And anytime you would like support in sorting this out, whether it’s about the food, or the reasons connected to all of the eating and body issues, I’m an email away and we can set up and Illumination Round and talk about it.. no strings.

With love from my heart to yours..