NOT Your Usual Thanksgiving Weight Loss Advice

by Lisa on November 20, 2012

Love and gratitude and staying out of perfectionismIt’s Thanksgiving week and firstly I want to thank you (so much) for being here, for your interest and emails and the connections that you offer in so many different ways. I am always truly appreciative and grateful to know you.. to know you are there, for the inspiration and feedback and for the trust. Thank you.. from my heart.

In about a week.. I will again be offering a “Love and Service” weekI want to be able to support as many of you as I can via complimentary coaching calls, email support and ways to answer your “burning questions” , help clarify issues, offer fresh perspective or a shot of inspiration.. whatever.. let me know with an email.. I promise to respond.. Dates TBA soon.
And..there are SO many articles out there on the holiday and weight gain and avoiding it.. here is my take..a little different.

Not Your Usual Thanksgiving Weight Loss Advice

There’s nothing wrong with the (countless!) articles in the women’s magazines and on the internet cautioning you either subtly or in big BOLD letters how not to gain weight over the holidays.. but honestly, has any of it really helped?

I’m thinking about a few things that I think are helpful about navigating the holidays. And they may also impact the way you eat.. as how you care for yourself emotionally and spiritually and in all sorts of other ways will always impact the way you choose to nourish yourself, or not.

Here’s my take on what helps keep you connected to your center, your heart, your guidance, and what you really want and need over the next few weeks…

Try to stay out of perfectionism. Whether you are the one cooking and preparing and hosting.. or one of the guests and eaters at the table (!)..keep trying to be “perfect” out of the mix.

As I try to put together a crafty little thing with pine cones from my yard, I have visions of some (of course) Martha Stewart-esque creation emerging.. It ain’t gonna happen. Something will emerge. I’m not sure what yet. I am having fun but the second I go for “it has to be perfect, glorious the best most perfect centerpiece EVER’.. I’m screwed.

If you can relate, back up and get back to the parts that feel good. In this example, getting the fun of doing something creative, time to play and make something, being in your senses is what matters. Don’t let yourself be hijacked by the perfectionism and swirl of self-judgment.Nothing kills fun (or anything else) faster.

Ditto with the cooking. Are people coming to eat the BEST turkey in the world? Are they expecting side dishes worthy of Iron Chef? These kinds of fantasies don’t serve us and suck every drop of joy out of absolutely everything, let alone holidays that are meant for …joy, connection, loving each other beyond the daily grind.. yes?

The most delicious thing you can serve your guests or that you as a guest can bring to the party, is you.. relaxed, happy, open hearted and ready to offer up your most loving  real live self..

Fussing and fighting around how you look, what to wear, what everyone is going to think if you gained a few pounds this year or whatever thought you are using to torture yourself out of connection with your true nature and capacity to love and give and enjoy being PRESENT…please.. don’t.

Find one way to make yourself feel feminine, beautiful and embodied.. If you love your hair, focus on that. If you enjoy making up your eyes.. go there. Pretty lingerie.. all good. It’s not about how you look, it’s about how you make others feel..but do something nice for yourself and then move on.

And just remember.. energy follows thought. If you are flooding yourself with disapproving, perfectionism-driven thoughts (remember these sound like “not-good-enough” and keep you spinning in painful negative spirals),¬† you will suffer.. and probably overeat.

Shift the energy by focusing on even the simplest things you are able to appreciate. This really WILL shift the energy faster than anything else you can do.

Start with these: Did you have enough hot water for your shower? A warm bed? Food in the fridge? A place to gather with friends or family on the holiday? Look outside or even around your home and find one thing to appreciate.. one thing that lights you up with its beauty or other qualities.

Let your attention rest there until you feel the shift in your heart that the act of appreciation will bring.. always. Breathe it into your body.. close your eyes and feel everything else ease up as you fill yourself with the sense of enough. Perspective is a good thing.

Try putting your hand on your heart, and connect with this energy center (Chakra) and feel the love that lives there.. for you, your connection to the Divine.. your connection to humanity and life.. all of it.

I remember a long time ago hearing one of the sayings from the 12 Step programs.. I’m not sure if I am repeating it exactly right but the gist of it was “a grateful heart doesn’t drink/eat/etc”. I love that.

Come back into true love for yourself and what life is offering you right here and right now. Into connection with who is here for you right here and now.. Look around and see. Notice what you could be fully present for and have the holiday that is yours, with the most love and connection you can.

If you can be in this place of connection, presence, appreciation.. the eating, the food issues, will mostly take care of themselves. No tips on what and how to navigate “the food” necessary.

Enjoy every bite and be loving and gentle with yourself, loving and patient with others, and count your blessings. That should do it.

With so much love..and wishes for a beautiful holiday..


PS.. And.. this is the time of year when it’s easy to feel frazzled, overwhelmed, and less clear about what’s what. Relationships become stressed, self-care can dissipate or completely disappear (if it was even there to begin with) and you need a boost of inspiration and some solid strategy, that’s exactly just-right for you.. not one size fits all diet or life coaching. Women are loving my Wise Woman Consultations…come see more here.