My Beautiful JuiceFest/Detox- In Conclusion

by Lisa on May 30, 2012

My Beautiful JuiceFest/Detox- In ConclusionSo the ten days has come and gone and it was a wonderful period of focused reflection and attentive loving intuitive self-care. And some parts were better than others, as you would expect.

Let me be the first to say, 10 days was ambitious under the best of circumstances, but over a long holiday weekend.. can I just admit that I didn’t even glance at the calendar when I set this into motion? When I woke up one day ready for change, I made a plan and began. Which sometimes is a really good thing. But when making longer range intentions, maybe not so good. This 10-day plan needed more, uh… planning. The juicing “experts” out there.. whoever they are, typically recommend that you prep before a detox or a cleanse for at least a few days prior. I skipped that part. For better or worse, when I was ready to go, I just wanted to do it.

One thing I always find interesting about life in general, is that the parts you think are going to be most exciting, or rewarding or whatever.. aren’t always the ones that are. I thought the physical transformation of the juicing was going to be the main event. But that wasn’t really “it” for me. What I most loved, was the space that the juicing created for me to blog every day and to reflect on the themes that were wanting my attention. I absolutely loved my end of the day writing time. I loved the thoughts that led up to them, seeing the thread of the theme start to percolate during the day and unfold and take shape. It made me want to consider a daily blogging practice for a bit longer maybe. I am still considering that.

The juice fast was definitely too long because of the Memorial Day Weekend. I had not even looked at the calendar and so was not prepared for my conflicts around socializing with my husband and family and wanting to be present for them and flexible in my eating choices.. as opposed to tied to the juicer at home. It was a gorgeous sunny summery weekend after weeks of gloomy dark days, and we went out to restaurants and had family over for cookouts and it was just right. But it wasn’t juice, and I did not continue the juicing past the 7th day other than my morning juice.

I had some conflict about that, and especially because this was something I did publicly. I also wish I had been able to go off the juice in a more gradual way, but things didn’t go that way. Not this time. And I am making my peace with that and with the situations that were part of the last few days.. some very positive, some very hard. Life is life. And I am imperfect. And no amount of juice will change that, as I knew before I started and know still.

I loved the feeling of drinking juice and taking a break from eating. It’s a light easy place to be overall. Simple is always good for me.. and I mean always. Any way that I can simplify my life and my ways of doing things tends to allow more creativity in other ways, more reflection, more presence for relationships.. it’s always a good direction to move towards.

I am still… digesting.. the experience. Still reflecting on the choices I made and how I feel about them. Still working on forgiving myself for not doing it perfectly and not keeping the 10 day commitment I made so cavalierly at the outset. I am trying to honor the successes.. 7 days of juicing is still pretty damn good.. and not let the ending color it all.. What I know is that there are such poignant powerful lessons in anything and everything we do. And honoring those with compassion is always a good thing. The most important thing in the end.
With love from my heart to yours-



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