My Beautiful JuiceFast Detox Day #2

My Beautiful JuiceFast Detox Day #2This is Day #2 of my Juice Fast/Detox..and I have lots to say

It always fascinates me how a certain decision can create so much room for energy to shift. This is all about energy, all about perspective, all about relief for me. And I suspect that you have had at least one experience in your life that will allow you to relate to what I’m going to talk about.

One of the “secrets” in my ebook “The Energy of Weight Loss: 7 Essential Secrets” (you should get it, it’s got lots of good information and is very helpful in shifting the way you think about the whole eating and weight struggles.. get it here, go on get it now!) is about how important it is to Make The Decision. Not just think about making a change, or researching it, but actually deciding. It’s a huge deal.

For me, making the decision to devote 10 days to juicing and writing about it has already created a genuine shift in energy and thoughts and actions. As they say, one good thing leads to another. Juice in the morning yesterday led to getting back to a yoga class. Which led to other small beautiful moments yesterday.

Today waking up, in spite of the cloudy rainy day ahead, I felt lighter. The last couple of months I had returned to those awful morning thoughts that haunted me for so many years, maybe you know them, the “what am I going to do about my eating/weight/body today” that color everything when you’re stuck in a cycle that doesn’t support you.

I never went back to the full-blown binges or crazy eating of my past, thankfully. But the way I was eating just was not “clean” enough for my very sensitive system. The truth is I am very sensitive to a LOT of foods- gluten, dairy are the big bad ones, and then corn, soy, certain fruits.. I have to be careful. The simpler the better.

So today.. what a joy, what a relief.. oh bliss oh rapture (isn’t that from Gilbert and Sullivan?) I felt like me again.. After one day. Which just goes to show it’s not really about the weight per se. It’s so much about the lightening of our thoughts when we clear out the burdensome weight of carrying what is not “ours”.

If you are doing things that do not serve you, that don’t uplift you, that take away your creative juice, that distract you from what you are meant to be putting into the world.. then you are out of whack.

Lining up with what I believe in, and putting that into simple action was a tiny miracle which brought me right back to center. So powerful.

I started today with about 20 ounces of my standard green juice.. for the recipe see Day #1 here. It’s always amazing to see the change in how my taste buds respond to things as I eliminate the junk. This is the same green juice I make most days and yet today it tastes incredibly sweet to me.

Another interesting thing that I noticed yesterday. I had made a huge batch of  the Whole Foods Detox Salad that I wrote about last week, totally healthy, vegan, raw, addictive.. loved it and ate lots of it the last couple weeks. When I decided to begin the juicefast, there was all this.. food. And it wasn’t junk food that would have been easy (for me) to just toss into the trash, bye bye. This was healthy beautiful clean and still all veggie and a little bit of fruit food.

I knew nobody in my house was gonna eat it if I didn’t. So on Day One I ate some. And the perfectionist in me got her back up a bit. The perfectionist in me is dangerous.. oh so dangerous. I could feel that having eaten food during what I was proclaiming to be a “juice fast” (although I did say in yesterday’s blogpost that if I felt I needed to modify I reserved that right.. ‘member that part.. hmmm?!) was a bit scary. The boundaries blurred. So what if it was just chopped up broccoli and cauliflower and parsley and carrots.. with a few sunflower seeds and dried cherries.. oh and a little tahini..

Seriously, it’s not really about the food.. it almost never is. It’s about the judgment and the mind-fucking and the craziness. Here it was in living color. Having eaten some of the fabulous “Detox Salad”.. I could feel myself thinking about eating other things. Because I had crossed a line, stepped out of liquids into food, the perfectionism voice wanted to say toss the whole thing, you did it wrong.. oh the craziness.

Thankfully I did not go into all-or-nothing nonsense. I went back into juice. I went to bed and my before-bed gratitude journal practice. And bedtime prayers.

I woke up this morning for my 630 am morning meditation that Andy and I have been doing together daily. And more juice. And 2 pounds lighter on the scale (in case you wondered.. I am not a big fan of daily weighing but since I am blogging about it will weigh here and there..).

I am a bit hungry. But I don’t mind hungry when I feel grounded and centered in a plan. Which I do. I feel very good about the decision to juice over the next several days. I feel curious and open to whatever comes up during the experience. And happy to share it with you in these very long blogposts.

As the day ends, I am calm and happy. I stuck to juicing. I got a beautiful new client whom I am honored to work with. I wrote a guest post for somebody I dearly love and respect. I got some other things done. I kept my promises to myself.

One other thing.. did I mention that my husband Andy decided to make his crazy-good fried chicken for dinner tonite? With mashed potatoes? That meal has nothing on me tonite.. peace of mind, promises kept and a touch of smug self superiority (come on humor me.. fried chicken? Torture!) will have to trump homemade fried chicken tonite. I am amusing myself and my family with my damn good imitation of Paula Deen. Although I don’t think she juices much.

More rollicking juicing fun tomorrow y’all.

Juicy love from my heart to yours..





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