If The Angels Came To Dinner (or.. How Do You Feed Your Spirit?)

If The Angels Came To Dinner (or.. How Do You Feed Your Spirit?)

If The Angels Came To Dinner (or.. How Do You Feed Your Spirit?)If you are willing to humor me for a minute or so you will totally get this, and it will shift your thinking quickly and maybe permanently!

Ready to play along ?Let’s imagine that you were to serve dinner to an angel or two. Or pick any spiritual figure, a saint, a mystic, a beloved deity- anyone will do for this purpose.

Once you have chosen an image, I want you to imagine that you had a chance to connect with them over a meal that you had chosen, you don’t have to be the cook, just the creator of the menu. Stay with the fantasy a little longer, okay?

What kind of a meal would you assemble for any of these beings? (Hint: It would not be what you and I refer to as “junk food”).

Your soul would know immediately that to serve and nourish a sacred being, there would simply be no room on the table for anything that we typically buy in bags or boxes. Can you imagine putting a few “cheetos” or maybe a fast food meal on a plate for this occasion?

The deepest part of you, the part that is always connected to the Divine would only serve the most wholesome and beautiful food from nature, isn’t that right?

There would not be one part of you that would be in conflict about this. Intuitively you would know that any kind of processed food, essentially substitutes for real food, would be an inappropriate choice that would dishonor your esteemed guests. You would want it to be wholly beautiful, an offering.

Have you even thought about this term that we throw around all the time, “junk food” lately? It says it all.

Now here is the bigger question.. If you intuitively and absolutely know that you would not serve those types of things to any being that we associate with the realm of the sacred, can you see why maybe your own soul (you know.. the one that inhabits your body, your temple??!!) is entitled to the same treatment? And doesn’t it follow that to deprive your body of the most wholesome foods that nature has bestowed on us also deprives your gorgeous spirit?

I know you get this…that your body and soul also deserve and crave a sacred and beautiful kind of nourishment too? This is part of the conflict and pain you feel when you don’t choose well and feed your body poorly. Not that I want you to wallow in guilt.. at all.

But truly, you hear the calling of your spirit all the time even if you don’t recognize it as such. It urges you to come this way or that and to step into your beautiful wholeness, moment by moment all the time.

I invite you to play with this a bit.. plan a meal this week and invite the angels to dinner, and make sure that your own beautiful spirit is also one of the honored guests. See what it feels like to step into this energy around preparing or assembling a meal. What do you do differently? How do you hold yourself and interact with all of it? Let yourself have the experience of a little transcendence at the table sometime soon.. I want that for you.

Would love to hear your thoughts and also have you report back on if you had your own angelic dinner party!

With love from my heart to yours…


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    This is so well said. I can’t count the number of times I’ve hoarked down a meal just because I was hungry… and completely denied my spirit and my own health in the process. I can feel the difference when I “invite my angels to the table”: I drink more water, eat more fruits and veggies, and am less prone to mute the taste of the food I’m eating with unnecessary seasonings. Thank you for taking what is considered a “dry” topic like nutrition and truly incorporating it into real conversation about nourishment of both the body AND soul.

  2. says

    Humm..The food part in the season in our lives is easy. We have been trying to change our eating to healthy becuase our body is the temple and we need to care for it. Grinding our own wheat and eating whole foods.

    I think it would be interesting if my Angel guest brought a side dish of “Manna” I know now manna is the Word and we eat some everyday. It would be exciting though…..

    • Lisa says

      Amazing to be willing and able to grind your own wheat, Rhonda..Love the idea of asking our angels and guides to bring a side dish! xox Lisa

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    As always Lisa I love your approach to this. I love to cook and carefully prepare food for my family…that would be the first thing I would do for my saints, angels, and ascended masters–the care that goes into the process permeates the meal and the way we sit down and relish it!

    • Lisa says

      Hi Bri.. of course I am not surprised that you infuse your meals with love and care as you understand so well the energetic piece of all of this. Family time at the table is one of the most beautiful ways we love and care for ourselves and those we love.. “setting the energy” at the table is at least as important as what we serve.. love to you- Lisa

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    This is such a juicy topic, idea, and the comments too!!! I’ve got my ‘cave day’ tomorrow and am actually going to do this… Making note to invite my angels to lunch with me. Love the idea of being so present with it and about it… <3

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    Awesome topic. I am a secret chef (well, in my mind….). I cook for my family almost every day – and always have. I grew up in a family of women who loved to eat and more importantly, loved to feed people. For me, food is my creativity; it’s my source; it’s my nourishment both physically and psychically. Every meal is sacred to me. :)

    • Lisa says

      Theresa.. I can feel the loving energy you bring to the act of feeding others.. and the foodie in me wants to know what you like to cook for them! Seeing each meal as sacred is such a beautiful practice.. xox Lisa

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    thanks for a nice idea! to plan meal with Angels, I’m going to play with it. The first dish that comes to my mind is ice-cream with lots of berries.
    Currently I’m exploring different possibilities to get back in shape and inviting angels to dinner sounds magical!

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    I love this way of considering what I prepare for dinner (which I’m just about to do). Especially when I’m tempted to eat junk food just because I’m in a hurry, this will be a great image for me to use to remind myself why I take the time to make better choices. Thanks!

    • Lisa says

      Kenetha.. i get that feeling of being rushed, pressured.. it makes it hard to connect with something more creative and the chance to open to other energies. I know for me, before I can do anything that feels good.. I have to shift into a more relaxed and grounded place.. first steps first.. xox Lisa

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    This is GREAT! As a busy single lady, I find myself eating CRAP most of the time. It frustrates me to no end that I do this, yet find it hard to make time to eat well balanced meals! I needed to hear this today, thank you!

    • Lisa says

      Amy.. not every meal needs to be perfectly balanced.. but being single doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful wholesome food in your kitchen that’s easy and satisfying.. First think about what you love, what you most enjoy.. make it be the right fit for you and feels right and happy for your body.. you already know that eating “crap” aint it!! xox lisa

  9. says

    wow … all the posts this week are in sync with my spirit!

    Love this. I am so focused right now on changing my mind about how I nourish this body and this is another tool in how I see myself and my choices.

    Thank you!

    • Lisa says

      Hi Sue! Well i know YOU can intuit the life in certain foods.. do we have to eat the fish WITH the berries? xox

  10. says

    I love this! Such as unique way to think about what we choose to eat. I love eating all the fresh food of the season, cooking, and enjoying the meal not just for fuel. Wish I could get my husband to read and understand this concept :)

    • Lisa says

      thanks Ashley..give me your husband’s email, I’ll write to him (kidding.. ). We are most powerful by example.. but only always.. I bet he notices the love and reverence you bring to your relationship with food. And even if he doesn’t, don’t let it detract from your pleasure, it’s so wonderful that you can find such beauty in it all. love, Lisa

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    I LOVE this perspective! It’s beautiful.
    Food is sacred to me and I love to make super yummy healthy food for my peeps. Iit is my offering and I prepare the same for me because we are all divine!
    Sometimes the sacred comes in the form of a red velvet cup cake from Sweet. 😉 Teeeheeha!

    • Lisa says

      Hi Leah.. we are all divine..sacred is the feeling even more than the substance I think..enjoy it all, especially with everyone you love.. Whatcha making? xox

    • Lisa says

      Melissa.. that’s pretty funny.. would be interesting to have Julia, live or in spirit in the kitchen..I “call in ” the energies for other things.. why not this?! Thanks for reading. Love, Lisa

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