If The Angels Came To Dinner (or.. How Do You Feed Your Spirit?)

by Lisa on April 4, 2012

If The Angels Came To Dinner (or.. How Do You Feed Your Spirit?)

If The Angels Came To Dinner (or.. How Do You Feed Your Spirit?)If you are willing to humor me for a minute or so you will totally get this, and it will shift your thinking quickly and maybe permanently!

Ready to play along ?Let’s imagine that you were to serve dinner to an angel or two. Or pick any spiritual figure, a saint, a mystic, a beloved deity- anyone will do for this purpose.

Once you have chosen an image, I want you to imagine that you had a chance to connect with them over a meal that you had chosen, you don’t have to be the cook, just the creator of the menu. Stay with the fantasy a little longer, okay?

What kind of a meal would you assemble for any of these beings? (Hint: It would not be what you and I refer to as “junk food”).

Your soul would know immediately that to serve and nourish a sacred being, there would simply be no room on the table for anything that we typically buy in bags or boxes. Can you imagine putting a few “cheetos” or maybe a fast food meal on a plate for this occasion?

The deepest part of you, the part that is always connected to the Divine would only serve the most wholesome and beautiful food from nature, isn’t that right?

There would not be one part of you that would be in conflict about this. Intuitively you would know that any kind of processed food, essentially substitutes for real food, would be an inappropriate choice that would dishonor your esteemed guests. You would want it to be wholly beautiful, an offering.

Have you even thought about this term that we throw around all the time, “junk food” lately? It says it all.

Now here is the bigger question.. If you intuitively and absolutely know that you would not serve those types of things to any being that we associate with the realm of the sacred, can you see why maybe your own soul (you know.. the one that inhabits your body, your temple??!!) is entitled to the same treatment? And doesn’t it follow that to deprive your body of the most wholesome foods that nature has bestowed on us also deprives your gorgeous spirit?

I know you get this…that your body and soul also deserve and crave a sacred and beautiful kind of nourishment too? This is part of the conflict and pain you feel when you don’t choose well and feed your body poorly. Not that I want you to wallow in guilt.. at all.

But truly, you hear the calling of your spirit all the time even if you don’t recognize it as such. It urges you to come this way or that and to step into your beautiful wholeness, moment by moment all the time.

I invite you to play with this a bit.. plan a meal this week and invite the angels to dinner, and make sure that your own beautiful spirit is also one of the honored guests. See what it feels like to step into this energy around preparing or assembling a meal. What do you do differently? How do you hold yourself and interact with all of it? Let yourself have the experience of a little transcendence at the table sometime soon.. I want that for you.

Would love to hear your thoughts and also have you report back on if you had your own angelic dinner party!

With love from my heart to yours…