A 12-week intensive for women who are ready to find beauty, balance & freedom, and release their eating disorders—completely.

What if…

…instead of spending next Saturday night bingeing at home, you knew how to fill yourself up in sensual, beautiful ways?

What if…

…instead of wrapping yourself in layers upon layers of anxiety & inadequacy, you found the courage to share your real story — to come out of isolation?

What if…

…instead of criticizing, battling or disconnecting from your body, you celebrated your physical power, through movement…dance…heart-opening sex?

What if…

…you could replace bingeing, purging & starving with beauty, balance & freedom?

You can.

It begins in this moment.

Right now, as you read these very lines.

You can hear the intuitive whisperings…it’s time.

What you’ll experience:

Creating Freedom is a 12-week series of intuitive counseling sessions, designed for women facing tangled emotional patterns that can’t be unraveled in a single FireWalk Session — like hardwired patterns of overeating & purging.

You’ll receive an integrative mix of intuitive counseling sessions that support your emotional, physical and spiritual selves — bringing each facet of your being into alignment and integrity.

My commitment, as your therapist & mentor, is to show you the specific template for healing so that Creating Freedom is the last treatment program you’ll need. I’ve worked with hundreds of women over the past 25 years, and I’ve witnessed exquisite transformations, time & time again. True recovery IS possible.

Possible — for you.

Sequence & flow:

You’ll receive a sacred progression of twelve 50-minute counseling calls, plus 15-minute bursts of laser coaching during special drop-in hours each week, with email support & practical guidance between sessions. We’ll work together for twelve continuous weeks, connecting on a nearly daily basis. This is immersive, all-encompassing — and it works.

My heart & mind are yours, for three full months — an entire season of personal evolution.

You will be cared for and nourished as you become truly yourself. Together we’ll fill you back up in all the best ways. And with gentleness, permanence & awakening strength — you will change..beautifully.

This is your divine invitation — and you are not here by accident.

Recover in beauty. Discover true balance. And step into freedom.

Your journey will start with a free consultation. Contact me here to begin.

Sending love from my heart to yours.. and great courage in advance,