Beautiful JuiceFest/Detox Day 6- How Much Are You Willing to Feel?

Beautiful JuiceFest/Detox Day 6- How Much Are You Willing to Feel?Trying to lose weight? Stop binge eating? Detoxify or cleanse to get more healthy?

When you are working on changing your eating, to change your body or your weight, there is one essential question that needs to be asked right up front.. and yet nobody really asks it.


It comes down to this.. How much are you willing to feel? Specifically, how much discomfort?

It’s a pretty big question and you may not have thought about it from this perspective. But it’s one of the things that will come up to thwart your efforts. It doesn’t matter how “clean” your food is or how much exercise you’re doing… if you have been using food or eating or counting calories to divert you from painful thoughts and feelings then you’ll have a hard time making the big changes.

Being able to find other ways to self-soothe and move through different feeling-states is challenging.. especially if you’re used to managing your feelings and your chemistry with food. Women don’t realize how much they use their bodies as chemistry labs.. a little caffeine here, a little sugar there, a big dose of starchy carbs.. all of these impact your chemistry and your hormones pretty quickly and when you’re not using substances.. food or beverages.. to regulate your moods and try to manage uncomfortable thoughts and feelings.. you will be feeling differently.

This is why most diets fail. Make sense?

I teach my clients what I’ve known forever. You need what I call the “Daily Essentials”.. beautiful sacred practices to ground and soothe you and keep you balanced all day long. Without these, you’re at the mercy of negative thoughts and feelings that may thwart your efforts to manage your eating.

Meditation, relaxation exercises, breathwork, anything that breaks a sweat, using a journal to purge out emotion and energy, and other practices go a long long way towards ensuring you can stay the course when you’re working on getting healthier and breaking eating and food addictions.

I know that during this juicing period, I have relied more than ever on my daily practices. Early morning meditation sets the energies for the day, and one good thing follows another. I use brainwave entrainment tapes a couple of times during the day, I sit outside to clear my head, I write. I create little islands of peace and quiet so that I can keep my promises to myself. It feels good. It allows me to move all of the feelings, negative and otherwise through calmly and clearly in a way that they are more interesting vs jarring. I can notice with less reactivity. I don’t have to hurt myself with food.

You can do it too, I promise. Want to know more? Email me at Lisa at IntuitiveBody dot com.

Love from my heart to yours-


  1. Catherine Mills says

    Hey Lisa, You so inspire me! Congrats on your success juicing 6 days, that’s fantastic. I’ve been following your blog, watched Fat, Sick last night, and I’m ready to buy the juicer! You make a great point, we must be “ready”, ready to sit with the discomfort, at times. I feel I’m ready to do that as a trade off to feel the lightness and energy that will come later on. I’ll keep you posted. xox Cath

    • Lisa says

      Hey Cath.. thanks for the support, and great that you’re taking a step. Juicing is kind of a production until you get into the groove of it, like with many things. I’ll be curious to see how you like it. In a normal week, I typically only do the juicing at breakfast time and eat solid meals the rest of the day but love starting the day with green juice.. never stray too far from my basic recipe. Email me if you want support. Love to you- Lisa

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