Beautiful Juice Fast Detox Day 5- It’s More Than the Weight

Beautiful Juice Fast Detox Day 5- It's More Than the WeightI’ve learned that when I follow my Intuitive Body, interesting things happen. I did not spend much time thinking about whether or not to do a juice cleanse.. the idea wafted in one day and I decided.. went to the market for supplies.. done. I trusted that it was time to clean out my eating and my body and create some real simplicity and that in doing so, other things might shift.

This was never about the juice for me.. not really. This was juice as vehicle, juice as platform, juice as means to a much bigger end (no not that end.. I want that end to be smaller please). This wasn’t even especially about the physical benefits or rewards. Seriously. I was craving quiet.. I wanted to do something very simple and limited so that I could see what else wanted my attention when I made room for it.

Today is the fifth day of the juicing and I felt a really big shift right when I woke up. Lighter, more energy, happier, more clarity. I felt the most like me that I had in months. Looking in the mirror I looked more like me. I moved through my morning Daily Essentials of meditation and energy-clearing, juicing.. easily and with appreciation.

The biggest thing I noticed was more clarity and attunement around my intuition and connections energetically. I was “picking up” lots of information and downloading lots of great guidance around people in my life, including a dear friend’s son. I love being in this state.. open and clear and guided.. receiving information that can help other people. It feels like a slightly different dimension when I am there and it feels like grace. I am always very happy in that state.. very lit up.. receptive and tapped in. My creative channels fly open and lots of inspiration moves through. I only have access to this kind of flow when I am not bogged down physically, when I am in really pristine self care and when I’ve given my body and mind the and spirit room to groove.

Having taken in such light fare all week definitely allowed all of this. Definitely the biggest benefits for me have been the clarity and the lightness, the quieting of anything compulsive or unhealthy. The simplicity. All good.

With 5 days complete, I will be gently adding blended smoothies with fruits and vegetables versus just the juice just to mix it up a bit. My body and my intuition feel guided to add more of the real food but to keep it to the fruits and vegetables. in addition to my juice. Not huge changes.. subtle but ones I feel calling to me.

I never followed somebody else’s plan so this has been mine to begin with. I strongly believe that the best plans are the ones we make ourselves. Making something that is intuitively yours, that allows you to tweak and modify according to your body’s needs and your sense of what you need on a given day is important and respectful. This is .. after all.

If you would like to create something that is “yours” and get support in exploring what that looks like, permission to do it, lots of ways to get around any fear and inner demons that tell you that you can’t, or it’s not the right time, or whatever comes up for you.. Just email me. We can talk about it. I have helped countless women and I can help you too.

With great love from my heart to yours..




  1. says

    Congratulations Lisa, you are a half way through! I admire your strength and your ability to listen to and hear yourself. And as a blogger I admire your consistency in publishing your posts daily. Looking forward to reading about the Day 6

    • Lisa says

      Thanks Inga.. each day has definitely had a specific message for me and that’s been the part I’ve loved best. Thanks for reading and the support. xox Lisa

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