About Lisa

about-lisaI’m Lisa Claudia Briggs- Intuitive coach, psychotherapist +mentor

Loving handler of your Divine Identity™

I am a truth-teller from way back. And maybe the one who can finally help you stay true to your heart and mind and let go of those patterns that keep you even a little bit in hiding.

I mentor talented women who feel things deeply. I have an uncanny ability to see the beauty in you.

I want to show you how to keep your promises to yourself in ways that are sacred and just right for you. In ways that will serve you now and forever.

I help women break the spell of overeating plus disrupt any addictive patterns that separate you from the power that is yours .

I believe in you taking your beliefs and your needs..and especially your talents more seriously. I believe that your best life comes from listening to the whisperings of your soul.

I want you to know what it feels like, to come home to your body, and to the truth of who you are.. so you can shed those weighty beliefs (what I call “The Big Lies”) you’ve been carrying.

I’m a wise and loving intuitive coach and devoted mentor that can help you release your past, in ways that change everything. I’m a wife, + a mother to two sons. A lover of small terriers. A sensitive/empath and clairsentient (I don’t “see” things as much as I just “know”). I love Nature as a role-model to teach us about seasons and cycles, and I believe we are surrounded by guidance..always. We are not meant to do this alone.. any of it.

You will experience beautiful embodiment- a new connection to your body, your relationships, and to what you believe in, without the fears that get in the way of what you want. You’ll come to know your Intuitive Body- your gift for tuning into the wisdom that is yours.. and trusting it to guide you.

As my client, you’ll receive the highest and best creative blend of customized Daily Essentials Rituals, and cutting edge techniques tweaked in ways that you’ve probably not experienced. Using powerful neural “rewiring”, spiritual laws, nutritional guidance, therapeutic writing, plus energy clearing — you’ll finally love who you are and how you feel. This isn’t a hypothetical possibility, or a hyped-up claim.

The reality is my blend of medicine-meets-mystical really works.

(You can watch a 19-minute video of me, uncut right here talking about this work)

People have always told me things, and I’ve held their trust as sacred and with great love. Always.

Some of my background: I received an undergraduate degree in Psychology in 1979 from Connecticut College and a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work in 1987 from Boston College. I was a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for 20 years.  I trained and worked for many years at a leading psychiatric Harvard teaching hospital. I also have advanced psychotherapy training in the specialized treatment of trauma and advanced training and certification in the EMDR protocol. I have additional trainings and certifications, including Weight Release Energetix Coach using the Invizion process, from Colette Baron Reid. I study with Caroline Myss and her brilliant spiritual teachings guide my work. I once worked on the psychiatric crisis-team at a maximum security prison, developing serious trauma expertise.

There’s nothing I haven’t heard, no secrets that can shock me. We all have shame, and there are ways to move through it. Beautifully.

I’ve spent 25+ years honing my clinical skills in private practice (and training with shamans and healers and Chinese medicine masters) to bring you the cutting edge of what works. What’s more, it’s no secret that I adore the women I work with.  It is my passion, privilege, and great joy to know my place in the world. Maybe to dare you to try doing things a bit differently. I love being in my Wise Woman years and to mentor women of influence and heart.

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To know a bit more about me and hear about my beliefs watch my unedited 19-minute video.

Come home to your body, to your senses, to your beautiful heart. You know it’s time to come at this a little bit differently..and that with the right support you can make the changes that make the difference.

I want that for you.

In Love and Beauty,