About Lisa Claudia Briggs

about-lisaI’m Lisa – Intuitive guide, holistic psychotherapist +spiritual mentor to beautiful, talented women with big hearts, that feel things deeply. You.

I would love to live in a world where women trust what they know, mix and mingle with the mystical, and where beauty is a ritual that infuses everything.

I’m an intuitive, psychotherapist, and a spiritual guide, but my real work is helping initiate women into their wisdom in ways that are beautiful and meaningful to them. In ways that feel gentle, safe, and intuitive.

Women often find me when they are craving and are ready for significant changes and transformation, and don’t want to walk through the fire alone.

I love this work and the women that are drawn here. I always have. My heart hurts when I see women spend all of their emotional energy taking on other peoples’ stuff and tuning out their own needs for beauty and pleasure and deep connection.

I believe that you are the Temple. You are sacred ground. I believe it’s time to trust your Intuitive Body, the guidance that comes in through your senses, to point you towards everything that is meant to be yours. To share your Medicine, your singular gifts.

As an intuitive mentor and guide, my training includes a B.A in Psychology, a Masters degree and 20 years as a licensed clinical social worker , and plus work with all levels of trauma. From rigorous training at a famous Harvard psychiatric teaching hospital, to a prison crisis unit, studies with healers and shamans, to this blend of intuitive mentoring and energy healing- I’ve been called to do this work. I know that the fires I’ve walked through were powerful grooming for my own Medicine. I am a devoted imperfect wife and mother (two gorgeous sons in their 20’s), a life-long New Englander, and a crazy lover of our little terriers and antique homes. I love this life.

In almost 30 years of practice, I know that it’s the relationship, the intimacy and privacy of heart-ful conversations that allow for deep changes. That part has never changed.

A wise teacher told me that the terminology of Wounded Healer is redundant. That it’s through the pain and the wounds of our past that the light shines through us. I know personally that this is truth, not just true.

My work is a real mix, as am I. I gravitate towards the gravitas while looking for simple sacred ways to move into lightness. I want beauty in all of your senses and sprinkled through each moment of your day and night. I want to help you create exactly what nourishes your body, your heart, and your soul. We make it beautiful for you alone, in ways that are just right for you. In ways you didn’t realize you were ready for.

When you sense that something that is calling you, it’s time. And I guarantee that together we will create it, move it, make it more beautiful, faster and more easily than you have at any other time. After 30 years of guiding and loving my clients into becoming who they want to be…who they are meant to be, I say this comfortably.

Start with (the new session, unnamed but maybe called (F)Light____________). In this session we will create one true change plus generate ideas for some others. You’ll feel excited to use the suggestions and guidance and may feel inspired to go further. Which I love. Just book your session or email me if you have a question and everything begins. If a gorgeous self-guided at home retreat would be just the thing, You Are The Temple is for you.

With so much love~