About Lisa Claudia Briggs

I can absolutely help you – if you want to hire somebody who really “gets it,” read on.

My clients who come to me for help finding relief from overeating have pretty much tried everything, and I suspect that you have too. I hope that by reading a bit about my experiences both personally and professionally, you will feel more at ease making use of what Intuitive Body can offer.

Long before I trained and got licensed as a psychotherapist, I was an “expert” in eating disorders. I had decades of struggling with my own eating and weight, and like you had pretty much tried everything out there- throwing huge sums of money at anything that looked promising. And although certain things helped at various times, I always reverted to my primary way of dealing with life- by putting things in my mouth.

When I look back at my history, I went from thumb-sucking to cigarettes (at age 11 behind my friend’s garage- can you imagine?) accompanied by a love affair with eating. Food was my original and longstanding “drug-of-choice”, especially things that were sweet or starchy. I gave up the thumb, and the cigarettes many years ago, but the food was much harder.

Like others who overeat, I struggled with binging and emotional eating for many years. I always believed that success was right around the corner, and yet the problem persisted causing me great pain in every area of my life.

I was somebody who knew that diets didn’t work early on, but really had no idea what would. I became very aware that my Soul could not bear the thought of more crazy dieting and deprivation, another program or another supposed “expert”.

I began thinking of my struggles with eating and weight as a sort of “Soul-Call”, a spiritual fire-walk that would require going very deeply into every aspect of myself and challenging my beliefs, values, behaviors, relationships- all of it.

I began calling this process “The Big Cleanup”, because truly that’s what it was. I had been developing my spiritual beliefs and practices at the time, and understood intuitively from my own inner-guidance that the food was mostly a symptom and a manifestation for everything that was out of balance in my life. I ate when I wasn’t tuned in and following my intuition.

I believe that those of us with eating-issues are “sensitives”, or empaths– you absorb others’ energies and emotions. You may tend to take on too much of what was not yours to fix. Feeling drained in these ways can trigger binge-eating as a way of restoring¬† balance.

I gathered all of my experiences, my faith, and my intuition and began to slowly but steadily develop a plan for myself that supported and integrated my spiritual beliefs, my individual nature, and my physical chemistry. I prayed to my spiritual “team”, and to the Divine, to guide me in knowing what would heal the misery of the overeating and all of the pieces I was beginning to notice driving it.

It has been part of my mission to teach what I most needed to learn. Whatever I discovered during The Big Cleanup- any technique or insight, I would pass on to my clients the same day. As my clients found relief and success from each of these, I felt more confident and began to conceptualize the Intuitive Body approach.

What helped was learning to “kiss the gift”- the ways that each experience, particularly my failures, taught me more about how to help my clients.

I was blessed with powerful spiritual teachers and spent four years studying with a powerful energy-healer and mentor who helped me understand everything at a much deeper level. I began to integrate the energy-system of the chakras for deep healing and transformation personally and with clients.

The experience amplified my own gifts as an Intuitive, and encouraged me to trust my inner-guidance more than ever. Much of what I learned during those years became integrated into the Intuitive Body work- everything came together, and I extracted the best of all of my experiences and really fine-tuned the program. I also began ONLY working with women with eating and weight issues, and I added the online aspect of the business.

You may come to me to work on eating-related issues, but I promise you that at heart, this is your gateway into a profound and transformative spiritual journey that will allow you to call up the places inside where your core issues want to be healed.

And yes, the issues around food and weight will resolve too!

If you have landed here, it is not a coincidence, it is grace.

A little bit of “official background” for you-

I’ve been working with women and teens for almost 25 years. I was trained clinically at a Harvard-teaching hospital and spent many years there honing my skills as a psychotherapist. I worked in other clinics, including a state prison for women on their Psychiatric Crisis Team. Since 1998 I have been in full time private practice from my beautiful home office.

I am a holistic, Intuitive psychotherapist- I have integrated all of the clinical, and alternative medicine and energy-healing practices into my work with clients. I use guided imagery and relaxation healing, energy-healing, therapeutic writing, and work with human energy system of the chakras. My Intuitive Body approach is potent- going way beyond simple “talk therapy” – which doesn’t allow you to clear out the energies and beliefs that are being “held” in your body.

It is absolutely essential that we include energy and beliefs held in your body in your transformation, otherwise it’s all intellectual and it won’t help you. Your results will reflect this powerful mixed approach that allows you to listen to your inner guidance as a source of profound healing. You will become your own expert.

My professional background includes a B.A. in Psychology from Connecticut College in 1979, a Masters in Clinical Social Work (MSW) from Boston College, and I received my advanced professional licensure in 1990. I also received advanced training and certification in EMDR (a specialized treatment for people with trauma histories), and spent four years studying energy healing honing my Intuitive abilities.

I am a voracious reader and learner- I have always loved discovering new things to support my own growth, and that of my women and teen clients.

I actively seek whatever is on the cutting edge so that you get the best of what’s available from energy-medicine, metaphysics, science, nutrition, exercise physiology, psychology, and my own experiences to provide you with the most powerful support and information.

I enjoy synthesizing what’s out there into manageable “bites” that you can use immediately. This allows me lots of creativity which keeps my materials and work with clients fresh and inspirational. Inspiration from me combined with powerful solutions really get thing moving.

Finding freedom from overeating has changed my life in powerful ways, and has provided me with a “map” to share with clients. The ways that my life has improved from breaking my addiction to food and eating have brought me incredible peace and a life of great joy and countless blessings. I have daily practices and rituals that support my ongoing freedom, and these are some of the basics I teach my clients- I call them the Daily Essential Nutrients.

Everything I share with you, I have done myself, or continue to use myself. I have test-driven all of the many techniques and strategies, and you will not find most of them anyplace else. This system is original and very powerful- and if you are anything like me or the majority of my clients (and if you are still reading this, you probably are!!) you can expect great results too.

I wish that for you- It is clear to me that my own eating disorder was part of the vehicle with which I was allowed to discover my passion and my gifts. Sharing my methods with my wonderful clients has been the most satisfying, personally moving experience of my life.

I am honored to do this life-changing work with those who invite me into their lives. If my story speaks to you, you are probably a good match for this work.

I recommend that you sign up for The Intuitive Body 21-Day Turnaround, 21 days of email support and strategies sent to your inbox, plus a weekly issue of my newsletter/ezine “The Intuitive Body Muse“. We also have a new online membership site and forum, The Intuitive Body Sanctuary which is helping everyone get amazing results- you can check it out here, as another option for getting support. You can email me anytime here- feel free to ask me anything. I will respond usually the very same day.

Wishing you peace and every blessing-