Trusting What You Know~

Lisa Claudia

You were blessed with an instruction manual at birth. It contains all the information and guidance you need. All the beauty and relief and the simplicity of it. Getting clear guidance from your Intuitive Body isn’t some new-age craziness, it’s an elegant survival skill.

You become the expert in what’s right for you in every moment. Not through thinking and analyzing…but by feeling your way there. Feeling your way clear. Getting the old beliefs and judgments out of your way. Knowing what’s “yours” and what belongs to other people keep you from taking on the stuff that’s not even yours (the parts that weigh you down).

This is sacred listening.

When you trust what you know, moment by moment, there’s less doubt, less comparing, less looking outside of your self for the answers.

Things feel lighter. You get to lay it all down. To take off the armor, the masks, remove the veils. To see and hear and know. And to be seen and heard and known. As you. There is a deepening into what you know and how to use it for good.

It’s an initiation. A purification. A gorgeous unfolding.

You open the doors.You meet your medicine. You become the temple.

How do I know? Because I see you~You. My brave-hearted- talented-beautiful-sensitive-intuitive and wise sisters. You.

My invitation is also an invocation.

I’m Lisa Claudia Briggs~I bring a mix of 30 years experience as a professional psychotherapist/mentor/guide, sacred listening, and my whole heart to call in your own wisdom. With 20 years as a licensed clinical psychotherapist  plus 12+ years studying energy medicine and the sacred healing arts I’ve seen and heard everything, and help you change whatever needs changing. With my medicine-meets-mystical approach, I guide women through their own deeply personal rites of passage – away from the psychic weight of self-doubt and shame (or struggles with physical weight), perfectionism, and fear…into heart-spinning beauty.

For some it may feel like a walk through the fire, for others a blissful sigh of relief and for others a true homecoming.

Welcome, I’ve been waiting for you. This work, with you, is my true heaven.

With so much love,

Lisa xox

Lisa is the woman we all need – and this is no understatement. I met her when I was at a woman’s retreat in Vermont, and I think it would be accurate to say that she has saved my life 1,000 times over–and more. She saves my life in small ways, in big ways, in unexpected ways, in beautiful ways, every single time we speak. She has this way of reminding you to be good to yourself, and to take care of yourself, and to love the hell out of yourself – and make no apology about it. And this is the reminder we all need. This is the reminder that will save your life, save your business, save your sanity, save your happiness, save your success, save your wildest dreams. And Lisa? She’s not just a place to start. She’s the finish line, too. For women around the world who need to remember who they are…in order to get where they’re going. Wherever that may be.
— Ashley Ambirge CEO,