There is a deep and mystical hunger to know the extraordinary gifts and power of your true nature~

I work with women who are ready to step into the temple – to face the unspoken issues that prevent them from following what is calling them, hearing the wisdom of their bodies, or connecting intimately with loving partners.

You’re that woman.

How do I know?

Because I see you.

Your heart feels things deeply.
You give so much to those around you that you can’t always hear what’s calling you. Now you’re ready to attune and listen differently.

You’re ready to bless the world in beautiful ways that are yours alone.

Creating change can be sacred.

It may be a beautiful beginning waiting for you to light it up. Or something you need to be done with…now. What if you could shake off the beliefs that limit you, and step into a new body and a new mind?

Using my medicine-meets-mystical approach, I guide women through their own deeply personal rites of passage – away from the cyclical pain of self-criticism, and into heart-spinning beauty.

For some it may feel like a walk through the fire, for others a deep sigh of relief and for others a true homecoming. Welcome, I’ve been waiting for you.

With so much love,