Lisa Claudia

What’s seeking you?~

There is something fresh and new trying to find you. And~something in your life is ready to fall away. You’re not sure who you’ll be if you let it. It’s easier if you can get a sense of what might be coming.

This is where I absolutely love to meet you.

To help you allow what needs to go, go. And to show you the opportunities that are seeking you. Some you may not have been able to envision on your own.

There’s no set method, no agenda… I provide sacred listening and sanctuary that provide clear vision, direction, insights and relief. How you see yourself and what you leave knowing will open the door for your life to change. Beautifully.

Please email me at Lisa at IntuitiveBody dot com for a complimentary consultation or book your intuitive strategy session, Opening The Door, here.  This work with you is my true heaven.

Lisa xox

Lisa is the woman we all need – and this is no understatement. I met her when I was at a woman’s retreat in Vermont, and I think it would be accurate to say that she has saved my life 1,000 times over–and more. She saves my life in small ways, in big ways, in unexpected ways, in beautiful ways, every single time we speak. She has this way of reminding you to be good to yourself, and to take care of yourself, and to love the hell out of yourself – and make no apology about it. And this is the reminder we all need. This is the reminder that will save your life, save your business, save your sanity, save your happiness, save your success, save your wildest dreams. And Lisa? She’s not just a place to start. She’s the finish line, too. For women around the world who need to remember who they are…in order to get where they’re going. Wherever that may be.
— Ashley Ambirge CEO,